The Financial Planning Process

Establish our relationship

When we first meet, I will draw broad brushstrokes around what you wish to accomplish and how I can help your achieve your intentions. Together we define the parameters and tenure of our potential engagement, including fee payment options and our mutual responsibilities.

Plan Development

Following this analysis, we meet for an initial presentation of my recommendations. I ensure that you have a full understanding of my proposal and an opportunity to provide feedback.

Gathering Information

Each individual needs a financial plan that is uniquely tailored to his or her current situation and future intentions. I therefore spend as much time as is needed familiarizing myself with your current situation by gathering all relevant information, financial and otherwise.


We will identify the additional professionals that may need to be a part of implementing the plan, such as your accountant, investment manager or attorney. If we haven’t already, we will now identify what role or roles I as your financial planner will play in the implementation phase.


The analysis of a client’s information depends on the scope of our engagement, but could include analyzing your assets, liabilities, cash flow, current insurance coverage, investments, tax strategies, your will, trusts, philanthropy, etc.

Evaluation and Review

I will be monitoring your plan on a regular basis. We will arrange to meet in person at least once a year, though it may be important to meet more frequently in the early stages of implementation. You will need to keep me informed of all significant life changes that could impact the financial plan, such as the birth of a child, getting married, change of employment etc.

If you are ready to put in place a financial plan that works
consciously with your assets to fulfill your life’s journey,
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