Statement of Intention

What world do you want to live in?

A “Statement of Intention” is your articulation of the role you will play in the unfolding of the world you want to live in.

The size and scope of that world is your choice: is it an individual alone on a mountaintop? Does it include your family, your town, your country – the Planet? There is no limit to the scope of the world you envision – it only depends on your choice and your capacity. All that matters is that you have a clear vision of what your world can look like, and that you have an idea of the role you can play in helping to bring it about.
For example, if the scope of your world is your family, your vision might be for all your children to grow into healthy, independent individuals with the capacity to lead fulfilling lives. The role you could play, then, could be to provide the family environment that would help realize that.
Once you have a clear articulation of your role, the next question is, “What do I need to put in place to support that intention?” Dovetail supports you by creating a financial plan that furthers your intention, ensuring that your financial decisions are aligned with the role you will play in the unfolding of the world in which you want to live.