Services & Fees

All Fees are determined by the services provided.

Financial Plan

Developing your financial plan begins with getting to know what is important for you in life – what you value. We will discuss your life goals and future expectations. With you, we will develop a picture of the future you envision together with a general overview of what it will take to provide the financial wherewithall to support you in realising those goals.

My next step is to review all of the relevant information about your financial life, including but not necessarily limited to, your income and expenditures, all investments and available assets, options, all current insurance documents, a review of current and potential risk exposure, copies of any powers of attorney, wills, and health care proxies.


Following a thorough review of the above items and further conversation and discussion with you, I will then provide you with an analysis and recommendations directly pertinent to your stated life goals and intentions. Included in this analysis will be the identification of potential risks to achieving your goals as well as strategies you could employ to mitigate these risks

If you only need a plan for one ‘segment’ or ‘module’ of your financial life this too can be arranged.

Fees will depend on the factors noted above and estimated required time, all of which will be determined at our initial meetings.

Asset management

I offer a turn-key wealth management experience with this service, including the development of a strategic investment plan and a diversified asset allocation model that is in harmony with your personal values, your life-goal time horizons and your personal risk-tolerance.

Fees for assets placed under our management are billed in arrears based on the total market value of assets under management on the last day of each quarter.

Project &/or Goal-Specific Services

On occasion, a client has a specific project, is seeking a review of their own investment strategies, a second opinion, or may need assistance with one or two specific area (for instance, education savings planning or insurance coverage assessments). If this is what you are seeking, hourly services may be best for you.

The scope of the engagement will be determined at the initial meeting and a cost estimate and/or a flat rate for the project will be determined.

Retainer Relationship

I also offer services to a limited number of people on a retainer basis.
Each retainer relationship will be tailored to the specific needs of the person concerned.

I invite you to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation introductory meeting to discuss your priorities and objectives and to learn more about how I might be able to support you.

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