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The Dovetail Vision

A financial plan is not an end in itself, nor is it a means to an end. Rather, it is both the means and the end. If we are saving for the fulfillment of a future intention (such as retirement or education), our responsibility for stewarding that money begins as it is being saved.

At every stage of our financial lives, we have choices. The decisions we make regarding our financial resources should be purposeful and meaningful. We have choices: we can put it under a mattress; we can put it into a bank. We can buy a bond; we can invest in a business venture. But how do we decide which is right for us?

At Dovetail, we recognize that your life has a further meaning than simply amassing wealth, and that your true goals express a greater purpose.

My clients want the stewardship of their money to be an expression of this greater purpose, an expression of their personal values. They want their investment choices to reflect a vision of the world they want to live in. Inasmuch as my clients are setting aside funds to support the realization of their life’s intention, so too do they want the management of their financial resources to be a part of their contribution to the realization of that world.

It can be challenging to see if a certain financial decision is in harmony with our personal values and contributes to the world in which we want to live. Sometimes, it’s a challenge to even articulate what those values are or what that world looks like. The answers are unique for every person, and require individual exploration.

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